Participation in the proceedings the professional and experienced attorney at law decides about dealing with the cases to the satisfaction of the clients.

We provide the following certain categories of the proceedings, in which we are particularly active:

  • the cases for the payment (including compensation for mining damages, damages in accidents),
  • the  cases concerning on denying the enforceability of the enforcement title,
  • the real estate cases (including protection of ownership and possession, easements, acquisitive prescription, lease, tenancy),
  • the administrative and construction cases,
  • the insolvency and bankruptcy cases,
  • the employment and labour, as well as social insurance cases,
  • the succession cases,
  • the divorce and legal separation cases.

We recover receivables by the Internet writ proceeding (EPU), which constitutes an attractive way in obtaining a payment order. The lawsuit is submitted in electronic form without the need to attach documents. It is a cheaper proceeding,  the court fees constitute a fraction of the ordinary fees (only 1/4 fees).

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