Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Methods of the resolution of disputes, where proceedings are carried out without the involvement of a court of law and the competence of the court is taken over by an independent third party – a mediator or arbitrator.  


Mediation – a modern method of dispute resolution, in which a neutral and impartial third party (previously accepted by both parties in dispute) facilitates the proper manner of communication and determination of both the mutual interests and contentious issues, attempting to lead the parties to a mutually accepted agreement.  The whole process is fully voluntary, informal and, most of all, confidential.  Mediation is used both prior to the initiation of court proceedings and after it has been initiated.  It is usually a much cheaper and quicker method of dispute resolution than traditional litigation.

At the Regional Chamber of Attorneys at Law there is a Mediation Centre, in which qualified mediators – attorneys at law – carry out mediation processes based on a particular court order, a referral of a public administration authority, or as a result of the conclusion of a mediation agreement.  


Mediation Centre at the Regional Chamber of Attorneys at Law in Katowice 40-600 Katowice, ul. Kościuszki 223c


The video from the opening ceremony of the Regional Chamber of Attorneys at Law in Katowicach